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Sigh!  It is so good to be home!  It has been a week and 3 days since I arrived back home from the hospital and it already feels like longer.  It was so good to come in that door and just walk around my home taking it all in and being thankful.  The first week has been full of adjustments and healing and resting.  My body was so tired and bruised and swollen and has just needed time to heal.  My mind was restful at first and I just sat on my sofa relishing the fact that I was home.  It  took about one day for my nesting instincts to take over, though,  and I began trying to organize closets  and purge excess stuff ( the things I do as my stress response!) so I quickly wore myself out and crashed regularly!  I am definitely not the best at taking it easy :). For those who know me well I know what you are thinking!!!

I had my first weekly biopsy on Tuesday and it came back at 0% for rejection so we are very thankful!  That is the main thing at this point that we have to be concerned with.  Rejection and Infection are big bad words at our house for sure.  So I wash my hands a lot and wear a mask when I go anywhere.  I have to exercise daily so I have ventured out to Target and Publix so that I can walk where it is cool.  The thought of walking outside in Jacksonville Summer heat and humidity is about as appealing as wearing an wet sweatshirt!  Plus I still have staples in my incision and that doesn’t go well with heat either.  I should get those out next week.

I started rehab at Mayo on Friday and will do that 3 days a week.   They have me exercising every day and beginning to do strength training every other day.  I mostly feel good but just still tire easily.  My pain gets better every day and I have mostly experienced discomfort at the place of incision and where they broke my sternum as well as some soreness in my shoulder due to the way I was positioned in surgery.

Emotionally, I think I am doing well.  As I look back on the last several months I feel like I have been in a dream.  Everything feels so surreal.  It’s hard to get our brains around all that has taken place and hard to believe that I have someone else’s heart beating inside of me!  What a miracle!  What a crazy, crazy miracle!

I am on a whole smorgasbord of medications that will eventually taper off apart from the two anti rejection meds I will take for life.   I am so thankful to say that my body seems to have adjusted to them well and the side effects are minimal.  We are so grateful for the countless prayers of so many people. and feel God’s blessing and grace and favor toward us in all of the many details.

One of the verses in the Bible that has stood out to me during much of this experience has been one that is very familiar to many people.  Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.”  I can wholeheartedly say that  I have lived the truth of this promise!  He has been so faithful!  But His ways are so different than ours most of the time that I rarely can make heads or tails of it by just looking at the raw circumstances.  It almost always requires faith to believe that God is doing something, more likely many things, that I cannot see or even understand.  I look forward to catching more glimpses of some of those things in the days and weeks to come!



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