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30 Days but who’s counting!


Today makes 30 days that I have been a resident of Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville!  It has gone fast in some ways and feels like forever in other ways.  I am feeling pretty good thanks to the meds they have me on and they are keeping my fluid levels in my heart low so that I am in a good place health wise for when that heart comes.  I have had a few offers for a heart over the weeks I have been here but they were not “good offers” meaning the doctors didn’t accept the offer because there were issues with the history of the donor that compromised the health of the heart.  So I am waiting for that perfect heart meant just for me and I’m hoping it is SOON!

There are currently four of us heart transplant patients on the floor here and we have become fast friends.  We try to walk together in the mornings and at night so we are known on the floor by all the nurses and other patients.  We have proudly named ourselves “The Walking Half Dead”!  But once we get our hearts that will no longer be true 🙂  One of the friends I’ve made, Donna,  had a heart transplant last year but there ended up being a lot of issues with the heart she received (they think it was damaged in transport possibly) so she came back for another heart and now also needs a kidney due to the bad heart.  We have become walking buddies and gotten to know each other pretty well since she got here 2 days after I arrived.  She had a wonderful surprise on April 1st when the doctors came to tell her that they had a heart and kidney donor for her!  And no April Fool’s joke!! She had her heart transplant Sunday and the kidney transplant Monday and  she is doing well.  She will remain in ICU for the week most likely and then she’ll be moved back to this floor for a few days and then she will get to go home.  Once she is home she will then be coming in to do rehab and blood work 3 days a week for the next 3 months.

So that is what I have to expect and I am feeling very ready!  Though it is hard to be patient I have to look at it like I’m 30 days closer to a new heart.


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