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It’s a Good Day for a Good Day

You may have seen the video clip floating around the internet of John Piper talking about disappointments.

“Occasionally, grieve deeply over the life you hoped would be.  Grieve the losses.  Then wash your face.  Trust God.  And embrace the life you have.” John Piper

I can certainly relate to this and it ministers to me because of how much it hits home.  When I wake up  every day and  remember where I am and why I am here I find that I am  having to talk myself into perspective just like yesterday.  It feels easy to just lay in the bed and be sad.  I feel that I do have to just make myself get up and “wash my face” (and maybe put on some makeup and brush my teeth and my hair – I’m a little more high maintenance than John Piper), “Trust God.  And embrace the life (I) have.”

There’s just no way to know what life is going to bring you.  You don’t realize what you thought your life would be like until it doesn’t happen that way and you find yourself disappointed.  If I don’t believe that God is in control and has my best in mind then I find myself in a tornado of self pity or anger or bitterness, swirling round and round into greater and greater intensity and ultimately destruction.

Jeremiah 29:11 says “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.”

I must trust and believe that God does have a plan for my life and it’s a good one.  In fact, it is the best one for me.  Even though it may seem hard at times to find the good in it, this promise and many others from God’s word gives me the confidence to say and believe every morning that “it’s a good day for a good day”!


  1. Right on. Carley. After I was able to walk again, my eyes got where they were working some what together, I could hold a plate and could eat a little (all of which took months!!), I kept praying and thinking I would wake up one morning and ‘this cold’ would go away. Instead I had to have another brain surgery at the university of Va. God has taught me that He will help me get through another day or another minute on a bad day. I was hard headed. I was running one night and the next day I couldn’t walk? I spent so many years trying to beat the symptoms with my strength. It didn’t work. The docs still don’t know why I’m alive. I’m just thankful God has given me more than I bargained with him for. You are so far more mature than I was with the brain hemorrhage. If u need to cry, then cry! It’s ok. Don’t ever let anybody tell you it’s not ok. God wants to comfort us. He made us with emotions. If we didn’t have them, I think he would find us quite boring.

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